Geofencing Marketing with Mobile Ads

Engage the customers that fit You via geofencing marketing and mobile ads by their

  • Current physical location
  • Traditional Demographics
  • Family status (married, children…)
  • Educational attainment
  • Hobbies
  • Subscriptions to media or services
  • Places they have made purchases
  • Occupation
  • Movies they’ve watched

The more specifically you can target your audience with specific locations the better your ad will perform. People like ads that relate specifically to them better than other advertisements.

What is Geofencing

Sample geofencing target area

We show an advertisement in mobile phone apps based on where the phone is physically located and based on attributes of the user of the phone. The advertisement links to a mobile landing page that provides some basic information such as physical location, telephone number, map, short description, video, website links, etc.

If someone that meets our criteria walks into a physical area that we mark off, we can show them an advertisement in an app that they are currently using on their phone.

sample geofencing ad on a mobile phone
sample geofencing ad on a mobile phone
Sample geofencing landing page
Sample geofencing landing page

Project Steps:

Let us do it for you!

  1. Identify your customers by their hobbies, shopping behavior, subscriptions, traditional demographics, occupation, education. BE SPECIFIC
  2. Identify where they actively play, shop, eat, work, or visit
  3. Eliminate wasted impressions by only showing mobile ads to selected customers at the designated locations
  4. Create familiarity and increase interactions with a billboard or outdoor campaign
  5. Provide contact information and distribute coupons and vital information on a mobile landing page.

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