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Art Everywhere Results

The OAAA just released the results of the “Art Everywhere” project I discussed a little while back.   They had the Nielsen On Location Group create the report which you can see here:


  • The project sampled 550 people each week for 13 weeks for a total 7,110 respondents.
  • The focus of the outdoor media was the artwork, so the label for the “Art Everywhere” was very small.
  • Across the United States, there were only 50,000 pieces of artwork displayed on just over 26,000 display units of all types (as shown in the picture above).
  • 7.6% of Americans over 18 were aware of the project.
  • 3.6% of Americans viewed art on the project.
  • 70% of people viewing the campaign had a better opinion of American Artists.
  • 74% of people viewing the campaign said they were more likely to go to an art museum.

Also according to the study  “Social media took the lead in driving awareness of the art show. Close to 40% of those who were familiar with the project learned about it through Facebook, 27% learned about it on YouTube and 19% on Twitter.  Movie theaters were the top out-of-home media to raise awareness of the campaign with 17% of those who knew about the project – or 3 million U.S. adults – learning about Art Everywhere US during the cinema pre-show.”  However, people considering Facebook as a tool should realize that some social media experts are suggesting that the ability of people to reach their targets on Facebook is dropping dramatically.  This Facebook campaign would have had significantly more resources than the average small business can apply to such a campaign.  If memory serves me correctly, the average Facebook user could have 1,500 news feed items shown to them at any one time.