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Even Google Uses More Outdoor

Revenue for Outdoor Advertising imrpoved by 0.8% during the 2nd quarter of 2014 compared the previous year, total revenue was about $2.17 billion according to the OAAA. This increase in revenue marked the 17th consecutive quarter with growth within the industry. In addition to this, Kantar Media also claimed that OOH has outperformed all other media channels except the internet and television mediums.

The top industries were

  • Retail sector – +19%
  • Real Estate and Insurance – +13%
  • Politics, and organizations and government – +11%
  • Advertising and Media – +8%
  • Automotive services and dealers – 5%
  • Amusements and miscellaneous services – 5%
  • Hotels and resorts and the public transportation – 3%

Based on spending in the 1st quarter, OAAA reports the following are the top advertisers,

  • McDonald’s chain of restaurants
  • Apple Inc.
  • Geico
  • Warner Brothers
  • Metro PCS
  • AT&T
  • Verizon
  • Coca Cola
  • 20th Century Fox Pictures
  • Chase

Google, a top 25 advertiser, increased its quarterly spend so much that the single quarter almost surpassed their previous record annual spending on Outdoor Advertising. In addition to Google, other advertisers include Metro PCS, Geico, Comcast, HBO, State Farm, Fox, Sony pictures, and Cracker Barrel, Walt Disney Pictures, Microsoft and Subway.

According to the Chief marketing Officer of OAAA, Stephen Freitas, “OOH’s ability to connect with young, mobile consumers is clear when you examine the top advertisers in our industry. Research shows consumers find OOH to be one of the most memorable forms of advertising, which is why it drives sales and builds brands.”