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Google Does It with Jaw Dropping Size

Picture of Google's big board in Times Square

Yeah, it is big.  25,000 square feet big.  It takes up a whole city block and is eight stories high.  It keeps Times Square lit up all night.

Clear Channel’s first customer on this board is Google, which is using it for Black Friday through the Christmas Season and the new year.

However, it is not just a board to look at; you can play with it yourself.  Google wants to remind you that they created the android phone system.  So they have a phone app that allows you to create an android version of yourself and play video games on the screen.

Do not assume this is grainy footage either.  With 4k resolution, the pictures are sharp and lifelike and better than my home TV.

The 300,000 people who will see this ad daily will certainly remember it, if no other reason than its shear size–but the marketing concept is pretty cool too.  (Word is they spent about $2.5 million for 4 weeks of advertising on this campaign.)