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Slawburgers, Whiskey, and TN Heritage Billboard

Billboard Artwork for Fayetteville TN on I-65

Wouldn’t slawburgers and whiskey taste and smell good on a cool wrap around porch?  Just look at all that goodness. 

Fayetteville Tennessee is the county seat of Lincoln County not too far from Huntsville Alabama.  They are also not too far from I-65 where a lot of travelers are passing between Birmingham and Huntsville to the south and Nashville to the north.  Some of them are likely headed back and forth to the Gulf for a vacation.  Why not remind them of a vintage town they can visit just a little ways off the beaten path.  Where we placed the board on I-65 it was both affordable most of the traffic are people passing by with the money to travel and who might be looking for a new place to visit. 

It is a small town without the budget of a major tourist destination.  However, billboards deliver more impressions per dollar than almost any other advertising medium. The town is convenient to I-65 and most of the people on that stretch of I-65 are in its important target marketing.  Billboards also make an immediate impact with creative this good.