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1) What constitutes “Driving Under the Influence”?

The State of Tennessee can convict someone of DUI if they prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the person was:

-driving or in physical control of

-any automobile or other motor driven vehicle

-on any public road, highway, street, alley, parking lot, or any other premises frequented by the public at large, while
under the influence of any intoxicant (alcohol or drugs) or with a blood or breath alcohol concentration of .08% or greater

2) For what reasons can a police officer pull someone over in the first place?

Officers must have what is called “probable cause” to pull you over.  They cannot pull someone over because they have a gut feeling the person is intoxicated.  The most common reasons an officer might pull a person over are traffic violations, such as speeding, swerving, or headlights/taillights out.

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