About Us

Our history as one of Nashville’s advertising agencies

Since 2011, Hutton Advertising, LLC, has worked with a variety of companies and agencies from places like Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Mississippi, Kentucky and Tennessee create excellent billboard advertising campaigns.

We focus on Nashville billboards and outdoor advertising

Nashville Billboard at White Bridge Road and Charlotte

The secret to our success is our focus.  We’re not an billboard advertising company that owns specific space we need to sell. Nor are we one of the many Nashville advertising agencies that also creates TV, radio or magazine ads. We are solely an outdoor advertising specialist. And we have just one vested interest: getting your message on outdoor structures at the best possible rates.

Consequently, we can serve as the Nashville advertising agency or media buying service that a company or other agency could not otherwise afford.

As part of the larger Billboard Connection agency, we have helped companies of every size and other advertising agencies create excellent advertising campaigns by creating great billboard designs and finding and negotiating premium outdoor locations.  

When it comes to effective Nashville billboards and outdoor advertising, it helps to have the right connections. That’s what Billboard Connection is all about.

What we will do for your billboard advertising or outdoor advertising.

Clarksville Billboards

Billboard Connection will deliver your advertising message utilizing a variety of outdoor media. From billboards to poster showings, malls, transit, taxi tops, airport displays, movie theaters or one of the many other form of outdoor advertising, your message will be delivered with the lowest cost per thousand impressions.

We will provide your business with a complete solution for your outdoor advertising campaign. We do all the work for you,

  • Gather information about all the different outdoor advertising products in your area of interest,
  • Provide detailed analysis on location, visibility, traffic count and cost
  • Design and create a memorable message for your business  
  • Oversee production and placement of the signage
  • Manage any other details needed.


We are members of the Tennessee Hospitality Association.

The office is also certified as a small business entity by the Governor’s Office in Tennessee.

Nashville Billboard Connection…IMAGINE Success!