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About Us

Our history as a Nashville advertising agency

Hutton Advertising, LLC was established in 2011 so that the owner, Eric Hutton, could buy a franchise that worked as an outdoor advertising agency. In 2004, the owner had started a company called Practical Programs, Inc to do websites and needed to keep the two entities separate. In 2018, Hutton Advertising left the franchise group and in 2020 the two businesses were merged into one entity of Hutton Advertising, LLC. Since 2011, Hutton Advertising, LLC, has worked with a variety of companies and agencies from places like Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Mississippi, Kentucky and Tennessee to create excellent billboard advertising campaigns. Since 2004, Practical Programs, Inc./A Site That Works and Hutton Advertising have also written plenty of HTML Code and WordPress customizations, designed quite a few websites and even built a couple of hosting servers.

We focus on Nashville billboards, outdoor advertising, and WordPress

The secret to our success is our hard work, creativity, and truthful third party observations.  We’re not a billboard advertising company that owns specific space we need to sell. Nor are we one of the many Nashville advertising agencies that also create TV, radio or magazine ads. We are specialists at making WordPress sites run effectively and in outdoor advertising. And we have just one vested interest: getting your message out in a great way on two of the best forms of advertising: Billboards and websites.

Consequently, we can serve as the Nashville advertising agency or media buying service that a company or other agency could not otherwise afford We can make sure that your website retains visitors and presents your message after the billboard gets them to your website. We make it our point to learn about all of the independent billboard owners and to ensure we have great graphic artists to get you the best possible boards and websites that we be memorable.

What we will do for your billboard advertising or outdoor advertising.

Hutton Advertising will deliver your advertising message utilizing a variety of outdoor media. From billboards to poster showings, malls, transit, taxi tops, airport displays, movie theaters or one of the many other form of outdoor advertising, your message will be delivered with the lowest cost per thousand impressions.

We will provide your business with a complete solution for your outdoor advertising campaign. We do all the work for you,

  • Gather information about all the different outdoor advertising products in your area of interest,
  • Provide detailed analysis on location, visibility, traffic count and cost
  • Design and create a memorable message for your business  
  • Oversee production and placement of the signage
  • Manage any other details needed.

What will we do for your website

We provide excellent web hosting servers that will make your site run as fast or faster than almost any other major host while on a secure server. While setting it up, we did a lot of testing against other services and refined it until we got it right. This is important because visitors will leave your site if it doesn’t load fast enough. Google rankings also depend on a fast and secure host.

If you have a design in mind, we can turn it into WordPress site. We have been doing that task since 2004 on behalf of direct clients and for graphic designers that did not want to do coding.

If you have an idea for functionality on your site, we can make that happen too. We have built CMS applications, connected to voice calling systems, and more. All of the billboard proposals we produce are from an internal system we created.

We will work with you to establish the marketing message your website needs. We will not create the message for you, but we will work with you to create it as a partner. We have a habit of asking a lot of insightful questions to get to the heart of the matter.


We are members of the Tennessee Hospitality Association.

The office has also been certified as a small business entity by the Governor’s Office in Tennessee.

Hutton Advertising…Crafted Strategically, Driven with Heart, Delivered with Integrity