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Out of Home Advertising Media We Offer

Out of Home Advertising and Outdoor Advertising typically cannot be ignored, turned off, or thrown away and they are often available 24/7. These are the prime categories of outdoor or out of home advertising, though many more exist.

What Is the Definition of Outdoor Advertising or Out of Home Advertising?

There is little practical difference between these two terms. They loosely include any advertising that people consume when they are away from home. Outdoor Advertising is slightly more restrictive because it is supposed to be outside of a building. Most people don’t have mall kiosks in their home, so they are Out of Home Advertising, but not necessarily Outdoor Advertising.

Billboards and Bulletins

Bulletin sized billboards are some of the most effective and cost-effective forms of advertising available. The stereotypical billboard rests on one or more poles on a road-side somewhere, though they can also be mounted on buildings. Typically they are the largest boards in an area and are at least 10 feet 6 inches tall and 30 or 36 feet wide. The only way you will not see one of these if they are hiding behind a building, trees, or even another billboard. They can be digital or static. Digital billboards have extremely flexible messaging with dayparting, random messages, and other cool features.

A bulletin billboard’s size is part of what makes them so effective. Typically, people see them daily on their commute or near tourist destinations. Good marketers repeat their message before it can be forgotten. Daily commuters definitely see the repeated message. The timely delivery of the message is also important. What better time is there than when someone is on the road deciding what attraction or restaurant to visit. (Most of them did not decide before they got in the car.) Your billboard will help them decide.


Posters (A Smaller Billboard)

Poster billboards are typically around 10.5 feet tall and 23 feet wide. Two posters side by side are about the same size as a bulletin. Usually, they are found in rural communities and city surface streets.

Posters are most effective as a market saturation tool in cities to launch a product, promote an event, or for seasonal advertising. Other folks on a tight budget effectively use poster billboards for local traffic in cities. Because rural areas do not have as many advertising options and bulletins are relatively rare, posters can be very effective there as a consistent advertising presence.

Bus, Transit, and Taxi Advertisements

As much as we like billboards, Nashville bus advertisements can reach people billboards miss because buses are not assigned to specific routes and bus routes go to areas of the city where it can be hard to get an effective billboard. Buses are the best way to reach the entire city. Because the Transit system is largely a spoke system, all the buses travel in and out of downtown–which is a hard place to target with billboards. Unfortnately, smaller cities like Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Jackson have much more limited bus service, and so the advertising medium does not work well.

According to studies by the OAA and Nielsen, mobile and transit advertising are as more effective than posters. The reach people in cars, in office buildings, and streets and more, not just the riders. However, if want to target the riders, there are placards for the insides.

Transit and taxi advertising work great larger metropolitan areas, especially in places like New York city where cars can be a liability to own and where taxis are ubiquitous.

Bus Shelter and Bus Bench Advertisements

Transit shelter advertisements, are placed along busy primary streets throughout the market and typically situated where traditional billboards are limited or not permitted. Transit shelters capture the attention of consumers driving by or waiting at busy intersections because the advertisements are highly visible and located at eye level. They are usually inexpensively priced, making them perfect for long-term promotions. Because transit shelters are backlit for easy night viewing, your message will be noticed any hour of the day.

Shelters and Benches are great advertisements in pedestrian-friendly areas and slower surface streets. Benches, in particular, must have simple messages. In some places it possible to do some really creative three-dimensional ads with shelters.

Mobile Billboards

Mobile advertising allows your business the flexibility to either target a specific, small geographical area or a large county or city. Routes are predetermined by you, the advertiser, so we can get your message to the public immediately and command attention on the roadways. Mobile billboards are constantly in the eye of the public reaching a variety and varying amount of consumers. Programs vary in duration from as short as a day to a weekend, full month or longer.

Mall Kiosks

Sometimes the best time to advertise is when people are shopping. They are ready to buy and mall kiosks are there to tell them what to purchase. The most popular form of mall advertising is kiosks. It’s the next best thing to point-of-purchase advertising. Beyond kiosks, malls are going high tech with digital screens placed near escalators and elevators to gain the attention of a captive audience. Additionally, an advertiser’s imagination is the only limitation for mall advertising. From wrapped escalator steps and hand rails to floor graphics, you can attract wandering shoppers directly to your doors.

Airport Advertising

Advertising in airports is available in many forms and captures the attention of passengers at every step of their airport experience. Airline customers are a highly desirable audience of business and leisure travelers that typically have more disposable income, not to mention considerable time to see your message before flights. Messages are designed to attract attention, brand companies, products or services, elicit direct response and encourage point-of-sale purchases.

Movie Theaters

Movie theater media reaches up to 75 million moviegoers each month, and its advertising recalls are four times higher than ads placed on television. Movie theater advertising reaches targeted consumers with innovative messages that engage moviegoers in a highly effective manner. We will help you choose the right cinema product that’s best for your ad campaign whether it’s Static Slides, Digital Ads or Rollingstock. Effective movie theater advertising can also include one-to-one promotions, partnering with events or sponsorships and can be conducted at the venues themselves, with marketing teams promoting a variety of products to consumers as they are waiting in line or approaching the theater.

Street Furniture

From the beginning of each morning to the end of the day’s rush hour and into the evening’s entertainment, the streets are busy, making them a perfect selling opportunity. Street Furniture enables advertisers to connect with consumers on a face to face level and provide broad-based coverage in many markets or a single neighborhood. Product options are abundant ranging from telephone kiosks, urban panels, news racks, beach kiosks, bus benches, to trash receptacles and more. Street Furniture is visible to pedestrian and vehicular traffic offering a high reach and frequency for brand awareness or point-of-purchase opportunities.