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Not just Billboard Ads! Big, Bold, Grabs Your Attention Billboard Advertising!

We create effective billboard ads and campaigns

We will create for you a custom billboard advertising campaigns and outdoor advertising campaigns to meet your budget and objectives to drive more customers to your business or to build brand awareness.  You should use Billboards because

  • We have seen clients get calls within a day of a billboard going up,
  • 80% of people can remember one or more billboards they have seen in the last month. 
  • They are the cheapest form of mass advertising by cost per 1000 impressions
  • Billboard Ads and outdoor advertising cannot be turned off or thrown away
  • Even tech giants like Google and Apple use billboards.

So we know billboards are effective.

Our process is also simple. We will have a short 30 minute conversation to determine who you want to reach and we will plan and execute the entire process, including the artwork on your behalf.

Billboard advertising and outdoor advertising is best used by

  • Organizations looking to increase brand awareness or to drive traffic to a physical location or website
  • Small business owner or a marketing director that wants more people asking for your products or services. 
  • Businesses with a small geographic reach, like a local restaurant that do not need to reach a large area like multiple counties 
  • Businesses like tourist attractions, restaurants, and hotels that depends on spur of the moment buying decisions
  • Organizations that need a way to break through the clutter of many different competitors like a college, university, law office, or dermatology office?

Outdoor Advertising and billboard signs are about more than price and the number of impressions.

Creating an effective advertising campaign can be daunting.  Will people ignore your campaign? How do you know which television show people are watching, or what radio station they listen too?  Do you have the time or resources for good search engine optimization?  How do you know that you are not buying advertising with a large amount of overspill (people that will never utilize your service or product)?  We are one of the very few Nashville advertising agencies that focus on billboards and outdoor advertising, which has several advantages over other media:

  • Daily viewing of your advertisement
  • High impact with immediate ad recognition, that they cannot ignore, turn off, or throw away.
  • Lowest cost per thousand impressions of any mass media,
  • Limited target overspill
  • Expands the reach and frequency of other advertising options.
  • Great flexibility in pricing and geographic coverage areas from small to large.

Columbia Tennessee Billboard for Visit Columbia

Buying billboards or outdoor advertising is harder than it looks, even for many advertising agencies.

It can still be a daunting challenge to pick the right billboards and set-up the right outdoor advertising campaign to get the desired results.

  • Where do your target demographic groups live, work or play and which roads they use?
  • Is the billboard as nice (or as bad) as the vendor’s picture?
  • Is the traffic count reasonable, or does it just look big?
  • Are their likely to be better boards available?
  • Is the design clear and noticeable (or is it poorly converted magazine layout)?
  • Will the desired message fit on the board at that location?
  • Are the billboard options so limited or expensive that I be better off replacing my billboards with transit ads, buses, shelters, the airport baggage claim area, or something else?

As a billboard and outdoor advertising agency in Nashville, we take the time and effort to understand all of these aspects of the market here and throughout Tennessee.

Not all advertising impressions are equal

Jackson TN Billboard for the Tennessee State Veterans Home

An impression to your preferred customer based on age, gender, or ethnicity is worth more than a random or even potential impression.

An impression to that customer when they are making an actual buying decision is gold.

  • A restaurant, hotel, or retail location, may need a highway interstate billboard to break through the clutter and with immediate directions such as “turn right,” “exit here,” or “now open.”  In some communities, studies have shown that 50% of customers decide where they want to eat while they are driving.  Not everyone books their hotel in advance or remembers where they want to look for shoes.
  • A lawyer, medical professional, realtor, may need there message to always be visible to show stability and to be present for the person that has suddenly realized they need or want that service.  They may prefer quality surface streets that or commuter routes that have a higher percentage of local traffic.

Why some billboard advertising campaigns fail

Advertising professionals that do not make billboards and out of home media their primary focus may not be aware of all of those considerations.  They may not understand how to make a billboard design captivating, how to create the right call to action, or have the right design contrast.

Nashville Billboard for a cigar shop

Since most companies focus 90 percent or more of their marketing and advertising dollars on radio, television, print and the internet, most advertising agencies allocate most, if not all, of their resources to those media, which also happens to be what they are most familiar with.

They may simply look for the board with a relatively clear view, “good” traffic statistics, a reasonable price, and a mediocre billboard design.

6 reasons to use our advertising agency to plan, design and execute your next billboard advertising campaign

As one of best advertising agencies in Nashville focused on billboards and outdoor advertising, Hutton Adverising

Nashville bus bench for Rise Biscuits

  1. Understands traffic statistics and board locations and knows whether a particular billboard is a good choice.
  2. Knows where the independent boards are located that might be your best deal
  3. Creates flexible plans that meet tight budgets and specific demographic requirements.  .
  4. Creates great billboard designs and messages to create the maximum impact for your message.
  5. Understands the the different vendors and what their advertising strengths are
  6. Uses selected other out-of-home products like experiential marketing to supplement your billboard campaign or even to make it a primary focus.

Create an outdoor advertising campaign that rocks and imagine success

By engaging us, you have a much simpler life with one point of contact to work with all of the vendors in an area on your behalf.

To help you best please let us know

  1. What product or service you want to advertise.  It affects
    1. what types of products we suggest and where we suggest them.  (For instance, Jewelers rarely use posters) (Eventual link to products page)
    2. the type of call to action.  A complicated project or political campaign might go to a website.
  2. Who your best clients or customers are based on age, income, and/or ethnicity and even geography (if you know it).  It will help us determine the geographical areas or even roads to focus on.
  3. What your budget is.  It helps us determine which products and services fit.  (eventual link to section about general pricing)
  4. Your goals.  For instance a food rebranding project or a new software package might benefit from experiential marketing as well as billboards.  Do you want people to call or visit a website?

As a result of working with us, you can focus your energy on running your business or your agency while we create the best campaign possible to make your business recognized and the place people want to do business with.  We are so good you will think it is easy.

Call us at 615-479-7518 or browse this website for more information for your next advertising campaign.

 Let’s have fun and create a billboard advertising campaign together!!