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Business 10x Business Owner’s Mastermind Call

Here is a link to this week’s 10X Business Owner’s Mastermind Call with John Pyron “The Business Doctor”. He has a proven track record of helping businesses grow and clients all over the United States. This week’s topic is Balancing Finances with Administration: “Finding That Happy Medium” and will feature Alison Nevarez-Pyron Owner and Operator of Operation Delegate, and Tax Preparer & Bookkeeping Specialist Elizaveta Portnova

I’ve known John for a while now and I’ve seen what a difference he makes in the people and businesses he works with and the level of success they are able to attain following his tips and advice.

This call takes place every Thursday at 7pm EDT, 6pm CDT, 4pm PDT . I’m looking forward to seeing you there. You can find out more by clicking the link below to register.