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Chattanooga Fitness–Simple and Effective

Do any of us older than 13 not have at least some concern about our weight or staying in shape.  Since dieting is something we can all relate to, the right billboard message can get a lot of good attention.  This Chattannoga, TN, billboard for Silberman’s Fitness center certainly makes it point clear–call us to lose that gut. 

chattanooga fitness center billboard

Easy to Understand

It is effective because it is minimalistic and darkly funny.  We all know the guy really isn’t going to tilt the whole board, but it it begs the question: “When is too much weight, simply too much.”  We have all had times when our weight (or someone else’s weight) caused an embarrassing moment that may have made us giggle. It reinforces the message to call Sliberman’s Fitness Center. 

The humor gives us hope.  (No we are not so big as to tilt a billboard in Chattanooga or anywhere else.)  With that hope it makes sense to call the fitness center.  The only call to action needed is the center’s name and telephone number. 

Tips for Billboards for Fitness Clubs and other Local Businesses

If you are a local business, put your billboard close to you.  By doing that, you will automatically target your natural customers with minimal wasted efforts on people who live to0 far away.  The billboard will serve as a constant reminder, 24 hours a day, 365 days year, or as long as it stays up.

Even for those folks that do not need your service today, your logo will imprint itself in their brain as people see it day after day for months.