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Coverage Options Nashville Outdoor Advertising and Billboards

Option Comparisons

Creating a successful billboard advertising or outdoor advertising campaign depends on your budget and your objectives.  Do you want to reach the entire city or region, or just a portion of it.  Do you have a single message or a complex one that will change over time.

This page provides some general guidance for creating a Nashville bilboard advertising campaign or a Nashville Outdoor Advertising campaign.  Static billboard bulletins and billboard posters typically cost as much a digital offerings.  It can be expensive to change the message on a static board, but everyone will see it every time.  In contrast, digital boards have incredibly flexible art changes that allow to target by time of day, weather, day of the week, message timeliness, and more.

PostersNumber of Interstate Bulletins (without discounts)
Number of Bus Tails (without discounts)
Seen daily, all daySeen daily, all day
Can target some specific storesCan target some specific storesBest coverage in hard to reach areas (some poor and some wealthy) (45 routes)
Larger packages create unavoidable campaignMost dramaticIndividual impressions more memorable but impact is reduced by lack of daily coverage.
Smaller numbers could be moved every few weeks to target a new store Could be moved every few weeks to target a new storeBetter city wide coverage, but not necessarily daily. Individual viewings are more like to be remembered.
Seen mostly by localsSeen by locals and through travelers and touristsSeen mostly by locals

Surface road bulletins can cost as little as $1000-$2000 depending on location


[mappoints id = “newid” latlong = “36.162664/-86.781602” width = “90%” maxwidth = “800px” height = “600px” zoom = “11” title=”Sample Nashville Area Digital Bulletins Vendor 1″ locations=”latlong:36.04861/-86.66386; :: latlong:36.0993/-86.7629; :: latlong:36.218/-86.7757; :: latlong:36.0993/-86.7629; :: latlong:36.0478/-86.6645; :: latlong:36.1634/-86.7629; :: latlong:36.15321/-86.75471; :: latlong:36.1945/-86.775; :: latlong:36.15321/-86.75471; :: latlong:36.14414/-86.70116; :: latlong:36.1556/-86.7908; :: latlong:36.1498/-86.7713; :: latlong:36.1699/-86.7742; :: latlong:36.176/-86.7816; :: latlong:36.0363/-86.7867; :: latlong:36.1912/-86.7812; :: latlong:36.1539/-86.8325; :: latlong:36.1539/-86.8325; :: latlong:36.1485/-86.8059;”]

Individually, these bulletins typically cost $1500 per week and $3750 per 4-weeks.  However significant package deals can reduce the price to as little as $600 per week.

[mappoints id = “digitalPosters” latlong = “36.162664/-86.781602” width = “90%” maxwidth = “800px” height = “600px” zoom = “10” title=”Sample Nashville Area Digital Posters Vendor 2″ locations=”latlong:36.143778/-86.814349; :: latlong:36.1485/-86.8059; :: latlong:36.1077/-86.9219; :: latlong:36.1441/-86.814; :: latlong:36.2006/-86.7399; :: latlong:36.2951/-86.6979; :: latlong:36.3065/-86.6869; :: latlong:36.1524/-86.7969; :: latlong:36.1524/-86.7969; :: latlong:36.102/-86.8195; :: latlong:36.11784/-86.6984; :: latlong:36.1993/-86.6199; :: latlong:35.9309/-86.4739; :: latlong:36.02172/-86.58273; :: latlong:36.1485/-86.8059; :: latlong:36.1441/-86.814;”]

Individually, these posters cost $1,000- $2500 per 4-weeks, with 1 week buys possible and discounts available for larger packages.

This vendor can also offer the following poster packages:

  • 50 panels – $18,750 per 4-weeks with a 12 week minimum contract I can include production cost.
  • 20 panels – $7500 per 4-weeks with a 12 week minimum contract I can include production cost.
  • 10 panels – $6250 per 4-weeks with a 12 week minimum contract, I can include production.

These posters vary in quality in terms of location.  However, the objective is to saturate the market.  They are not always available.  I have found that in the “very desirable” neighborhoods, they are on side streets instead of on the main thoroughfare. Even though, the best locations are usually already taken, the sheer number of posters makes the message unavoidable.  Overall I consider it a great value.

[mappoints id = “newidven2” latlong = “36.162664/-86.631602” width = “90%” maxwidth = “800px” height = “600px” zoom = “11” title=”Sample Nashville Area Digital Bulletins Vendor 2″ locations=”latlong:36.140968/-86.72259; :: latlong:36.165449/-86.794876; :: latlong:36.165449/-86.794876; :: latlong:36.149209/-86.746223; :: latlong:36.158195/-86.759191; :: latlong:36.158195/-86.759191; :: latlong:36.301899/-86.709096; :: latlong:36.301899/-86.709096; :: latlong:35.015047/-90.003203; :: latlong:35.189996/-90.019419; :: latlong:36.106477/-86.76716; :: latlong:34.998596/-85.210669; :: latlong:36.21728/-86.423483; :: latlong:35.997858/-86.59957; :: latlong:35.997858/-86.59957;”]

This vendor can offer bulletins at typical rate of $3250 per four weeks.  We can get discounts for a larger buys but their inventory is pretty full at the moment.  In the past they have offered firesales on Thursday for the next week.


A single bus takes multiple routes in a single day.  There are about 45 routes. (The number changes periodically.)  In about 10 days a single buss will be seen on most routes in the system.  Therefore, to be seen on all routes during a day, plan on a purchase of about 10 busses.  They typically are seen by about 190,000 people each week  (38,000 per day.) and run some routes every single day.

A super tail typically costs about $500 per 4-week per bus.  Mini kongs (on the road side, rather than the sidewalk side) are about $475 per 4-weeks per bus.  Larger wraps (such as the whole bus) can cost considerably more.

As you can see from the map below, they provide coverage in many areas where billboards are very hard to get.   Click on it to see it full size.

MTA Bus Routes

 Why Outdoor Works

  • Cannot be turned off, turned over, trashed, or ignored.
  • Creates and maintains a highly visible and bold company image.
  • Continues to work day and night for you.
  • Very cost effective with the lowest cost per thousand impressions.  (I regularly quote offers that provide clients with more than 1,000 impressions for every $5.00 of spend.)
  • Quickly builds name brand awareness.  (I have clients that have received calls within days of a billboard going up.)
  • Best way to get and stay in front of your potential customers.
  • Targets your demographics
  • Targets your locations for the highest effectiveness.

 How to Make Outdoor Work

  • Create simple ad copy with a call to action.  8 words or less.
  • Create a bold, but simple, image in bright colors.
  • On static billboards consider extensions and 3-D objects
  • On digital billboards create multiple images to run on a regular basis.  (Such as different types of people using your product or different versions of your product.)

Let us show you how to make it work!