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Drinking from a Billboard

Unfortunately, most advertisements have to convince you through sight or sound that food and drink tastes good. They cannot deliver the food or the drink. Here are four billboards that turn that notion on its head.

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Drinking Coke

However, Coca-Cola offered Coke Zero to attendees of the NCAA Final Four in Indianapolis. The visual part was a straw that spelled out “Taste It.” The board also contained 6 fountains placed at the bottom of the board. The Coke Zero product traveled through the straw to reach the fountain. They used compressed air in the straw to make it look like someone was drinking from the straw (which the were—sorta.)

Drinking Beer

If you check out the video link above, assuming Carlsberg hasn’t taken it down, you can peruse some U-Tube videos showing how many people were lining up for free beer from a billboard. This billboard advertisement was created in London by Carlsberg, a Danish company. Many folks seemed to agree with the text “Probably the best poster in the world.”

Legal issues were handled by security personnel who carded people who wanted a sample and no one was allowed more than one glass. Some of the logistics were likely handled by the board being on the side of Truman Brewery in Shoreditch.

Having Their Cake and Eating It Too

Marie Antionette would have been proud of Mr. Kipling’s billboard; it was made entirely of cake and people could eat it every day. It took 13,360 “cakes-on-the-go” to make the board. Later they augmented the billboard with “cake-on-the-go” dispensers at various bus shelters on Tottenham Court Road and 18 other bus shelters in England and Scotland. The dispensers held up to 500 cakes each.

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Pet Food and Foursquare.

A German company used billboards to hand out dog food pellets. After owners checked in via Foursquare to activate the dispenser, the dog got a treat at doggie height.

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