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How to Get Started Building a Webpage

The following items are for standard websites and cover most needs.   If you need special graphics, programming, or assistance please ask.  We can do logos, multimedia presentations, make things move on the screen, custom database applications and more.

You must have each of these:

  • Hosting: We offer hosting for all of our clients.
  • A domain name: Typical direct register cost is $10-12/year if you register it directly, but you will need to ensure that it is kept renewed. Many registrars are putting lapsed domains into auctions with a very few days of the registration period ending. We can take care of all of this for you for a small up-charge.

Pick one of these two options for designing the graphics and links for your site.

  • Template design (Design bought from online template and some basic content—5-8 pages) (Not suitable for clients that have very specific design criteria, but takes less time to build)
  • Custom design (Graphic designer creates a custom look and some basic content 5-8 pages)

Pick an option for the words on your site and communicating your message:

You have 10-30 seconds to communicate what you offer a potential customer.  If your offer is not compelling they will drift away.  If your site is too sales oriented, you will drive them away.  However, you still have to follow the sales process if you want them to call you or buy from you.  Your choice of headlines and content are vital to the success of your site.

  • Provide most of the language yourself.  (We can draft some basic materials for you if necessary.)
  • Allow us to take some time to interview you or your employees and determine why you are a great company or person to work with. Some sample sites we have helped write include.

Determine how to maintain your site.

(Words and pictures used on the content portion of each page.)

  • We can provide maintenance for you at an agreed price depending on whether or not you want us to block off a set amount of time each month.
  • Use one of our content management systems. We can install these for you after the fact; but retrofitting costs additional money.
  • Contact a Virtual Assistant

Pick Options for Getting Found on the Internet.

Unless you only want an electronic brochure that you can refer people to, you need to do a few things for people to actually find you.

  • We can ensure that you are listed in the local searches for Google and Yahoo
  • Write a Blog as part of your website. Blogs are a great tool for driving traffic to your site and helping get the word out. They also give you a chance to show that you really do have some knowledge and experience beyond the words merely printed on your website.
  • Search Engine Optimization (to help you get ranked higher in Google)—most useful on the home page and about us pages and any pages connected to a pay per click campaign. This term is for a a process of identifying what words people might use to find you and then writing content to improve the chances that the search engines will find you based on those words. (A search engine campaign has to be word specific because searches are word specific.)

Other Internet Services

  • Pay Per Click advertising ( For instance, Google AdWords)
  • Email Newsletters/Email Marketing
  • Social Networking Programs like twitter, facebook, myspace, linkedin, etc.
  • Project Management
  • E-Commerce

To Get Started:

Give us a call at 615-479-7518