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Nationwide Did an Amazing Wallscape

A few billboard advertisements are jaw droppingly cool. You wonder if you really saw it. Nationwide did such a billboard campaign at the company headquarters in Columbus Ohio. It is as eye-catching as it adventuresome and one of the most memorable board designs.

Picture of a cool Nationwide Insurance Wallscape


This advertisement is actually a wallscape with three panels on the Atlas Building. The bright yellow green of the spilled paint makes the advertisement super obvious. At first glance it looks like a wall mural for Coop Paints gone bad. (For full disclosure, Coop’s Paints is not a real company.)

The first panel has three cans of paints with the words “Life in full color.” In the second panel is the “accident,” a paint spill so bad and bright that it not only drips down the building but covers part of the parking lot, a truck, and a parking stand—blending the ad with the real world.

In the third panel, the billboard creative brings the message home with Nationwide recognizable tagline: “Life comes at you fast” (so be prepared for even the biggest and messiest cleanup.) Nationwide assumed that people would make the connection between their company’s ability to provide cash to fix a problem and the way life has unexpected emergencies.

Billboards with Zing

While many billboard creative have a sameness about them that makes humorless an unimaginative, each year a few make a huge splash with the inventiveness. Nationwide took a creative chance and benefitted greatly.

This imaginative billboard advertisement made it work even better. The potential customer could not help but be mesmerized by the colors and graphics.

What We Learn

  • It is OK for viewers to take a moment to get the point.
  • Unconventional and big works if the ad is memorable.
  • Hire a team that will make people remember your advertisements.